Horizon’s TMS Under Development

One of Horizon’s flagship products is currently under development and is set to be released in the “next 4 months”, says David Luthen, Horizon’s CEO. The Transport Management System will play a major role in an array of logistics technology products labelled, ‘Pegasus’.

“Our TMS is user friendly and customizable. It’s UI is simple but effective giving companies such as 3PL’s and agencies the functionality they need without being overwhelmed.” - David Luthen, CEO

Functionality and superior integration is top of the agenda for Horizon as they continue to “Unify the World’s Supply Chain”.

“Without considering custom ERP’s, other TMS systems simply do not provide the same kind of compatibility and integration to existing WMS systems. Without these integration capabilities both systems can’t provide superior transparency and efficiency required for accurate planning and execution.”

Many will be waiting with great anticipation for this TMS in the hope that it resolves many of the issues the supply chain is having pertaining to fragmentation.

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