How to Easily Find Couriers with an Online Delivery System

The growth in online transactions helps the supply chain business, particularly companies that provide delivery services. Today, there are many courier companies that provide a variety of delivery choices. Starting with standard delivery, same-day, and even instant courier. Unfortunately, all of this is easily accessible if you are in a big city. In other words, there are still many vendors that have not covered areas such as the countryside and outer island.

In the field, the customer (shipper), in this case the business owner is still having difficulty finding a courier that meets their requirements such as limited maximum shipment capacity, inability to accommodate perishable items, and other customized needs. Conditions like this will complicate the operational process, particularly for those who wish to make medium-to large-scale deliveries. As a result, they must provide their own vehicle, which is limited in quantity. Providing your own delivery courier is not a great choice because there will be queues during the delivery process. In this situation, we need a solution that allows customers to easily find couriers, such as an online delivery system.

What is an Online Delivery System and how does it work?

Online delivery system is  determined to manage the delivery processes with on-demand platforms. It aims to make the accurate and personalized business flow leveraging significant profits. 

  • Recommend the most reliable courier

You can find a courier who meets your needs using the online delivery system. He searches for and recommends a few potential couriers after reading what you submit on the dashboard. These courier recommendations are based on the vendor's availability from your pickup & delivery location, so the courier can easily reach the place and the process will be faster.

  • Delivery cost comparison

You may also find the best shipping costs with this approach. Prices from several sellers are displayed. You can compare them all on one dashboard and then select based on the criteria you need.

  • Tracking delivery

As a shipper, you need visibility into the delivery process. With this online delivery system, you can quickly track the delivery of your purchases. This monitoring is critical in order to preserve the goods' quality and the estimated delivery time.

  • Simple step to find courier

If you want to send any products, the Online Delivery System is available for bulk orders. It will decrease delivery time and cost, and handle the delivery process efficiently. The online delivery system involves support for more comfortable order placing and reliable delivery services. Various activities are driven within the platform, like order requests, delivery services, drivers registration, store tasks, and much more. 

The simple step, this system helps you to manage your shipment. After getting an order from a customer, the provider will be assigned for the delivery service. Driver can notify users of their order status and complete it within the estimated time.

By implementing Horizon Delivery Marketplace, you, as a service provider, will have the simplicity of managing orders through a single API. As for the shipper, you can select the best courier choice based on the price and criteria you require. Everything that was previously complicated will be simplified if all delivery procedures are managed through this online delivery system.


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