Digital Infrastructure
for Supply Chain

We aim to unify the world's supply chain through an integrated platform, to help companies manage their end-to-end logistic operations more efficiently.

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Delivery Gateway

A platform allowing you to connect with all available delivery partners through API connection.

Access reliable delivery options and get instant bookable rates that meets your needs to optimize your shipment to customers.

Delivery aggregation platform from Horizon

Transportation Management System

A fully integrated logistics operational visibility & document management solution allowing 3PL’s and shippers to manage freight.

Our platform helps both Shippers and Truck Carriers to optimize their shipment times, drive cost efficiency, and scale their business.

Warehouse Management System

A Warehouse operations solution focussing on procurement, logistics & distribution, & payment facilities.

We leverage technology and strategic partnerships to minimize operational downtime and reduce errors with cost efficient solutions for your business.

Providing a Seamless and Transparent Logistic Experience

Horizon is passionately committed to orchestrating future logistics infrastructure by developing transparent and efficient collaboration on our digital supply chain platform.

Fully Integrated Logistics Infrastructure

Horizon is focused on integrating every element in the supply chain in order to create a seamless and transparent logistics experience for everyone. To do this, we are developing an all-inclusive solution for all involved in the shipping process.

Horizon’s digital systems will connect warehouses, and transportation companies involved in trucking, ocean, and air freight with businesses providing better transparency, quality of service, and improved income for asset owners.

Why Choose Us?

Entirely Visible

Connecting every element in the supply chain providing visibility across the entire journey.

Fully Integrated

End to end management of all related logistics needs in a fast, reliable, and simple manner.

Efficient Systems

With an integrated platform, you have the visibility and clarity you need to create more efficient logistics operation

Accessible Data

Easy access to data, from payments to PoD and other relevant documentation providing greater control and reporting capabilities.

Marketplace Technology

A marketplace that brings together senders, shippers, and receivers.

How to Easily Find Couriers with an Online Delivery System

There are numerous service providers who offer various delivery options. However, not all of them are easily accessible. Moreover, these service providers don't always have a range of couriers that meet our needs best. There needs to be another solution. Enter, the online delivery system. 

Horizon’s TMS Officially Launched

Horizon's TMS has officially launched and is changing the way that senders are optimising their logistics process.

Horizon Launches Delivery Gateway Platform for Courier Aggregation

Horizon's long awaiting launch has now become a reality as it releases its first product in a suite of products that are sure to change the way the supply chain works

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