Horizon’s TMS Officially Launched

Horizon has officially launched the Transportation Management System after a long process of developing an integrated platform. This is a solution to the fragmentation problem that exists in the supply chain industry. Horizon's TMS can accommodate everything from transport visibility to price transparency with simplicity.

All of your logistics needs will be simplified and more efficient with this integrated platform. Everything can be tracked in real time, from the ordering process through the delivery of the item. Even if you are a service provider, it will be easier to review each transaction.

The Horizon Transportation Management System comes with various excellent features, including;

  • Order Management, you can eliminate the complexity of managing a customer's load shipment. Customers and service providers can also place orders instantly, even in bulk orders.
  • Task Monitoring, you don't have to worry about order status. You can take control of your operating process by keeping track of all ongoing shipments.
  • Billing Management, price transparency exists. There are no hidden charges to worry about. This feature will create your invoice clearly.
  • Analytic Dashboard, each transaction will be reported to you. You can analyse the performance of your drivers and also the trends of your consumers.

The features of Horizon TMS will be enhanced along the way. Horizon will also develop other features like customer management, fleet management, fuel and service management, and driver management. All of them are currently in the works and will be released in the next few months.

With the presence of Horizon's TMS, David Daniel Luthen, CEO and Founder of Horizon, believes that the problem of fragmentation and connectedness between customers who need courier service and service providers with logistics or fleet rental services. It will be handled due to Horizon's greater visibility in the Transportation Management System.


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