Transportation Management System

Making Complex Logistics Systems Simple

Unifying the world’s supply chain through an integrated platform

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Optimize Your Transportation Management Processes

Simplify and optimize your transportation management processes by managing end-to-end operations through a single platform providing greater flexibility and visibility.

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Online Integrated Administration

All administration is carried out in a single system, which is integrated online making data processing faster and more accurate.

Detail Oriented Management

Manage your orders from beginning to the end. Customize and manage the package, destination, service, and pricing details with greater accuracy. All of the data is accessible and transparent. .

Geo and Device Location Access

All orders can be processed using location access giving you the ability to create an order, track the fleet and drivers, and see how your customers trend. This makes the logistics process more secure and efficient.


Manage and Track Orders

Shipment status: New, Ongoing, Confirmed, Rejected, Pending, Completed. Track and manage the assignee driver.

Easy Bill Management

Ensure settlement by keeping track of billing status. With our billing management feature you can generate, download and track your invoices, making payment simple and effective.

Complete Analytical Dashboard

Enable complete monitoring of fleet performance, driver performance and transportation costs.

A Fully Integrated System

Horizon is committed to developing an integrated digital supply chain platform with transparent and efficient operations.

We help businesses plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods, in all their transportation journiey's making sure the shipment is compliant and proper documentation is available. Our TMS system connects shippers, logistic providers and carriers with detailed and high data transparency.

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Order Management

Manage your order instantly and hassel free to maximize revenue for your business.

Task Monitoring

Organize and track the task you’ve assigned to drivers in real-time.

Easy  Billing

Seamlessly generate your invoice ID for single and multiple invoices.

Driver Management

Manage your drivers and assign them to deliver packages with simple steps.

Fleet Management

Simplify fleet operations and assignments with the list of all fleets in one place.

Pricing Control

Easily manage your own pricing to enhance the payment experience.

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