Horizon set to shake up the Global Supply Chain Through its Own Suite of Innovative Systems

Horizon has a big vision, 'Unifying the Worlds Supply Chain'. As it stands, the supply chain is supported by fragmented technology and legacy systems that play their part as separate solutions within the larger ecosystem. Whilst this has been sufficient in the past, Horizon wants to take it a step further. 'Pegasus', as Horizon calls it, is an ecosystem of logistics technology integrated within one another in order to bridge the fragmented gaps the supply chain currently faces.

"Imagine it as a skyscraper. Our values are the foundation and our pillars are our systems such as the TMS & WMS and others. Each system is built to be able to be useful and independent but they really come to life when connected to each other. The upper floors are our marketplace through which people can be productive and conduct good and fair business efficiently and transparently." - David Luthen, CEO

Integration is key in providing a seamless and transparent solution. Horizon seeks to integrate systems such as courier aggregation, financial and escrow services, documentation, a Transport Management System, Warehouse Management System, and Freight Management system, just to name a few.

"Horizon will bring structure and visibility into the supply chain and will change how everyone will correspond and interact with their markets and clients." - David Luthen, CEO

It is a large task, but Horizon is prepared for the journey in order to bring about a more transparent and seamless experience for all involved in the supply chain.


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